Our Customers are Saying….

These are the highest vibration oils I’ve ever tried. I simply don’t want to wear any others.
— Sarah J.
This stuff is divine. I use it for an all over massage when I’m in need of a special treat! Total bliss!
— Michelle M.
Aaaaah-mazing stuff. Soothes and heals all sorts of chapped areas quickly and smells GREAT too.
— Dianna C.
Purchased Gypsy love potion in roll on. Smells amazing and I can’t stop using it. Wrists, neck, chest. Awesome stuff.
— Alexis R.
I love Dream Weaver! Before I got my Dream Weaver blend, I used to spend hours trying to get to sleep. Now I put a few drops on my temples before bed and sleep like a kitten all night long. Thank you Circle of Healing!
— Sarah J.
Every woman needs this product. The other day I was in some major pain from cramps and thought I would try my Happy Tummy blend to see if it would help. To my absolute amazement, I felt better immediately and within 10 minutes my cramps were totally gone. The relief lasted so long (around 8 hours) that I had totally forgotten I had cramps by the time they came back. Then a little more oil and they were gone again. Yea!
— Kyen W.
My wife recently had a very bad fall and landed on the sidewalk face first. After the first 2 days, my wife has used “Love My Skin” almost exclusively for helping her skin out. I am amazed at how quickly her skin has healed. I just wish the rest of her would heal as quickly.
— Carey W.
LOVE this product!! Almost instant relief from most muscle issues! Awesome oils! Thanks Michelle
— Michelle B.
I’ve found this scent to be very calming and soothing. I love how it’s worked with my nervous system to slow me down. The layers of scent come out over time and it’s wonderful to wear all day long. Thank you!
— Elizabeth M.
Zen is so far is my favorite product from Circle of Healing Essential Oils. After receiving Zen as a gift I went to Vision Quest in Everett and bought Positive Spaces. It works really well and chases off negativity as promised.
— Christi C.