Porcupine Totem

Porcupine Totem

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Qualities: Fierce self-protection of Innocence with nonchalance. Porcupines walk through the woods unafraid of just about anything. Their boundaries are well established, and their predators keep their distance. If you ever feel that you are being asked too much, or if people have a tendency to walk through your comfort zone, do not let your subtle nature get taken advantage of. Use the porcupine to your liking, and send out the vibe that will help you get some space.

100% Organic Ingredients: Essential oils of Fir Needle, Ylang Ylang, Lemon, Sage. Roll-on is ready to use in a base of Jojoba carrier oil. Aroma mist has a base of distilled water.

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(Photo Credit: San Diego Zoo)